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Key Metrics For High Impact Products with OKR

A talk by Elie Casamitjana
Founder, ikiōm

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1. The (Unexpected) Benefits Of Keeping The Score In product organizations more than any, we realize the importance of making data-driven and fact-driven decisions making. But Measurement can help in many more ways along the product life cycle.

2. The Key Metrics Areas To Look At Product is at the crossroad of business, technology, customer experience, and more. So, when it comes to measuring what matters, there are some areas you’ll want to have a close look at.

3.How To Leverage OKR To Stimulate A More Data-Driven Culture In Your Product Organization OKR (Objectives & Key Results) is a goal management framework evangelized by Google and used by many tech companies and product teams around the globe.

4. Tools to help you We’ll see together what are the tools to leverage OKR to help your product organization better prioritize, plan and execute with a data-driven, transparent and result-oriented mindset.

5. And many more strategies Everything you need to increase the impact of your product team leveraging data-driven culture.


This Masterclass is designed for Any product practitioner or product leader seeking ways to improve the performance of their product and teams.


Elie is the founder and MD of ikiōm. He helps leaders and founders through actionable consulting in innovation, product, and strategy. He has more than 10 years of experience in Product Management, Go-to-market, Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Organisation design, Strategic Planning, OKR, Portfolio, Delivery, and Program. In his career, he launched, grew, and managed product lines at the global level. He designed, recruited, and grew various product and program teams, ran various transformation initiatives, and rolled out OKR across various organizations. As founder, investor, or mentor, Elie also actively contributes to tech entrepreneurship initiatives addressing sustainable development.

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